How to Replace an Outdoor Water Faucet

outdoor water faucet

Replacing an outdoor water faucet for some is a definite plumber job. Truth is, no rocket science is required to replace the faucet and anyone with the right set of equipment and guidance can replace it. Equipment Required: To start with, firstly one needs the right equipment to proceed with replacing the faucet process. Screw driver Liquid Wrench Crescent wrench ... Read More »

Salt Water vs Chlorine Water

Chlorine Pools Water

With increase in day to day technological and medical advancements, many people now prefer saltwater to chlorine water because of its endless benefits. And so the hot topic: saltwater vs. Chlorine water has hit the forum like wildfire. Salt Water Water containing dissolves salts and mineral, saltwater has become a popular option over chlorine water as to its harmless properties. ... Read More »

Popular Landscaping Ideas

Popular Landscaping Ideas

A well designed landscape is inspiring, innovative, fresh and calm. It rejuvenates one’s mind and provides a sense of tranquility. Popular landscaping ideas include almost anything, and they are great ideas for defining ones personality and style. Different Landscaping Ideas Below are the many popular landscaping ideas, that look appealing and attractive and define ones personality and style. 1. A ... Read More »

How to Crackle Paint

How to Crackle Paint

What is Crackle Paint? Crackle paint is a faux technique that gives a finished look like old and worn out cracked painted surface. Any surface regardless rough or smooth can be crackle painted. In today’s era, crackle painting has become a modern trend that most seem to be following. Crackle painting is normally used on furniture, cabinets, molding, walls, etc. ... Read More »

How to Buy Air Conditioner

windows Air Conditioner

Instruction of buying an Air Conditioner The search for the right air conditioner is a traumatic experience for some. To consider so many factors such as budget, brand, condition, style, size etc, one really ends up in a loop hole. Below is a detailed guide of factors to consider when buying an air conditioner: • Type of Air Conditioner: According ... Read More »

How to Convert Square Feet into Linear Feet

Convert Square Feet into Linear Feet

What is Square and Linear Foot? The square foot (sq ft) is a US customary unit (not a SI Unit) of area. It is used in many countries like US, UK, China, Canada, Bangladesh, India etc. Defined as the area of a square with sides 1foot in length, the square foot is commonly used for large measurements such as in ... Read More »