How to Kill Ants With Household Remedies

Kill Ants With Household Remedies

Killing ants by homemade method is a safer, cleaner and cheaper process. Using very common household ingredients one can safely get rid of the ants without putting anyone in danger by use of chemicals. Ingredients Needed Before starting on how to proceed with the process, one should gather up the essential ingredients required. Spray bottle Mason jar Screwdriver Bottle caps ... Read More »

How to Level an Above Ground Swimming Pool

above ground swimming pool

The absolute best way to proceed in building an above ground swimming pool is by leveling it. The first most crucial step of the making an above ground pool. Below is a detailed plan to guide through the leveling process. Items Required Before proceeding with the process, one should gather up the essential equipment required: Level Hammer Nail Wooden Stake ... Read More »

How to Deadhead Petunias

Deadhead Petunias

Petunias, annual flowers which grow from spring to the fall, are grown in flowerbeds and they range from a variety of colors. Deadheading petunias extends their bloom time and their health as the plant looks more fresh and healthy. Steps for Deadhead Petunias A detailed step by step method is provided which gives insights of how to deadhead the petunias. ... Read More »

How to Deadhead Flowers

Deadhead Flowers

Deadheading flowers, a process of removing spent blooms from plant for overall benefit, proves to be very beneficial as deadheading increases the yield of flowers and helps the plant reproduce better. Steps for Getting Deadhead Flowers Deadheading flowers is an easy to do process for anyone if the essential steps are followed: The first most important rule for deadheading any ... Read More »

Best Fertilizers for a Flower Garden

Flower Garden Fertilizers

The secret behind those ever blooming gardens you see on tv which reminds you of heavenly place; is not other than “fertilizing”. The best fertilizers that you can use in your garden should contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) which are vital nutrients for one’s plants. Some Best Fertilizers for your Garden Flowers Below are some of the best fertilizer ... Read More »

How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers Plant Growth

Jalapeno peppers, mildly hot chillies used in different cuisines like Asian in preparation of salads, salsas etc. They are very easy to grow, save up ones budget as well and are a more healthier option than market jalapeno peppers. Items Required Before one can proceed with the process of planting the jalapeno peppers, essential equipment/things are require. The items essential ... Read More »

When Should You Pick Rhubarb?

When Should You Pick Rhubarb

Rhubarb, an edible plant rich in vitamins and fiber, is a great dieting food and used for medical purposes. Like every other plant, they should be harvested on time using the proper methods so as to get the best of its produce. When to Pick Rhubarb Below are the detailed steps of the ideal time and method one should harvest/pick ... Read More »

List of Chinese Fruit Trees

Lychee chinese fruit

Chinese fruit trees are grown in many part of the world, and these have become a popular grocery item available almost anywhere ranging from both refreshing and exotic fruits. Below is a list of the Chinese‚Äôs fruit trees commonly grown over the world. Lychee The lychee, a fruit belonging to the native south China region, is a tall tree that ... Read More »

How to Plant Citronella

Citronella Plant

A warm plant with a strong vibrant fragrance, the Citronella plants are an all time favorite as indoor plants on porches, patios etc. With insect deterring properties, they are easy to plant and look beautiful at the same time. Citronella Plants Growth Following is the method of growing citronella plants in the flower bed. These can be placed anywhere such ... Read More »

How to Landscape on a Small Budget

Small Budget Landscaping Idea

Planning to give a makeover to your garden area within a short budget? Well it is now very much possible. Below is a detailed guide of how you can landscape on a very small budget, giving their gardens and patio etc a massive makeover. Low Budget Landscaping Ideas A very budget friendly method, use of gravel/concrete. Gravel is a very ... Read More »