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How to Level an Above Ground Swimming Pool

The absolute best way to proceed in building an above ground swimming pool is by leveling it. The first most crucial step of the making an above ground pool. Below is a detailed plan to guide through the leveling process.

above ground swimming pool

above ground swimming pool

Items Required

Before proceeding with the process, one should gather up the essential equipment required:

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Wooden Stake
  • A 2-Inch Thick by 4-Inch Wide Board
  • A Shovel
  • Patio Blocks
  • Grass and Weed Killer

Steps for Leveling an Above Ground Swimming Pool

  1. The first step is to locate where the pool is to be build. They area should be clear, void of any trees, cables, pipes, tree roots, underground wiring etc.
  2. Using a transit to level the ground can be very beneficial. But if it’s not available, one can use alternate method. Using a 2inch thick by 4inch wide board and length of diameter, and a drill, drill out deep holes about 3quarter inches deeper and place the boards.
  3. Shovel out a good 3 foot area from the center point chosen making the dugout area the lowest point. Hammer a small stack flush in the center and then hammer a nail on top of the stack.
  4. The board will be touching the ground at the center and with the board leveling at correct height and angle, remove all the remaining sod in the pool area.
  5. Make sure no dirt id present, as the weight of water can cause collapse of the pool. Also be sure to remove to all rocks, sticks, and other debris to prevent any mishap in the foundation of the pool.
  6. After removing all the debris, spray the grass/weed killers to kill out and then remove any plants and weeds making sure no more plants grow inside the pool.
  7. Add masonry sand in the center and spread out neatly, tamping it to make it firm and made up to 4inches.
  8. Patio blocks should be buried according to the pool posts to flush at ground level making sure to space them accordingly.


Leveling the ground to make an on ground pool can be a tricky method, but if done correctly can be very manageable and easy to carry out. Although it requires some technical work, but with the use of correct tools, it can be dealt with.