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How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno peppers, mildly hot chillies used in different cuisines like Asian in preparation of salads, salsas etc. They are very easy to grow, save up ones budget as well and are a more healthier option than market jalapeno peppers.

Jalapeno Peppers Plant Growth

Jalapeno Peppers Plant Growth

Items Required
Before one can proceed with the process of planting the jalapeno peppers, essential equipment/things are require. The items essential for growing the jalapeno peppers are mentioned below.

  • Jalapeno seeds
  • Growing container
  • Fluorescent light
  • Large pots, with depth of 8″
  • 5-gallon pots
  • Soil

Jalapeno Peppers Growth

  1. Before proceeding with planting the jalapeno pepper seeds, one should inspect the seed thoroughly and remove and discolored or withered part as these can prevent the peppers from growing to their full potential.
  2. Fill the growing container with 3/4 full soil. By pushing a finger through the soil. Make indention’s and then plant the seed in those indention’s. One should be careful as the jalapeno seeds should not be pushed deep down as they would not grow properly.
  3. Water the plant so that it may remain moist, taking special note to not over water it. Keep this water steady throughout the growing process.
  4. Place a lid over the container to keep the plant warm as the jalapeno seeds grow best in moist, humid/warm conditions.
  5. After the first 3-5 weeks the jalapeno plant will start to emerge from the soil after this happens, remove the lid so that the plant may grow up to its full potential and place a fluorescent light to ensure proper growth.
  6. After the jalapeno develops to a small plant i.e. produces 3-4 leaves, transfer the plant to a bigger pot with more depth. Repeat the same process of planting as mentioned earlier making sure to keep the plant moist.
  7. Periodically sunlight the jalapeno plants and after a further 2 weeks move them permanently to a sunlit area.
  8. After they have established firm roots and have grown to a good one foot height, transfer the plant to 5-gallon size pot and fertilize it for a good growth.

Jalapeno pepper take about 10-12 months to grow to a full height and by following the above method, jalapeno peppers are very easy to grow. A more healthier and cost effective produce, the jalapeno peppers grown at home are an ideal choice.