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How to Grow a Mango Tree

How to Grow a Mango Tree Mango Tree Growth

Mango trees have the capability to grow to a height of 35-40m having a radius of about 10m. The leaves are evergreen and the fruit takes about 3-6 months to be fully ripe. Mango trees also grow white flowers with mild sweet scent.

How to Grow Mango Tree?

Mango trees have become an attractive venture to grow. With a little patience, these trees grow up to extensive heights and become a attractive garden addition. the following are the easy to follow step for planting and growing a mango tree:

1. Selecting the Right Mango: From any grocery store, one should buy a large, ripe poly-embryonic mango so as to produce good healthy mango seeds. After the selection, slice away the mango fruit leaving the husky fibrous seed in the center.

2. Extracting the seed: Remove the seed husk and wash of any residue mango on it. Leave it to dry off completely for a few days. After it is dried, open up the husk so as to extract the Lima bean shaped mango seed.

3. Germinating the seed: Fill a pot with moister and fertilized soil and place the seed about an inch deep. Store the pot in a warm place until the seed sprouts, usually it takes up to 1-3 weeks.

4. Transporting the seed: To transport the seed into a permanent location outside/in the ground, the seed should be extracted and the root ball clean to be placed in the hole. Fill the hole with water and allow it to seep deep through.

5. Water regularly: Watering regularly is essential and after about six months, the soil ring will start eroding away by natural process indicating the tree’s proper establishment.