How to Convert Square Feet into Linear Feet

by Shanzeh Ali

in Home Improvement

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What is Square and Linear Foot?

Convert Square Feet into Linear FeetThe square foot (sq ft) is a US customary unit (not a SI Unit) of area. It is used in many countries like US, UK, China, Canada, Bangladesh, India etc. Defined as the area of a square with sides 1foot in length, the square foot is commonly used for large measurements such as in architecture, estate, interior planning etc.

A foot (ft) is another unit of length equivalent to 0.3048m and is also used as a US customary unit. It is further divided into 12inches. After the introduction of the SI unit meter, the foot has become unpopular amongst other countries, and the US is the only country to still use the foot as a primary unit for length.

Converting Square Feet into Linear Feet

When converting a certain area into linear feet from square feet, one should know either the length or width of that area as you cannot convert the square feet into linear without the information of either the length or width. For example, to find a length in linear feet, one should know its width first. Below are the detailed steps of converting square feet to linear feet.

  1.  Firstly to begin with, determine either the length or the width of the area in feet which is to be converted.
  2. Now if one has the length measured, the width of the area in linear feet area can be found by applying the formula: sq. ft. / length in ft. = width in linear feet.
  3. If one has the width measured, the length of the area in linear feet can be found out by applying the formula: sq. ft. / width in ft. = length in linear feet.

Conclusion: From the simple method provided above, it is very much evident that the method for conversion of square feet to linear feet is indeed very straightforward. And with proper guidance one can without much difficulty do these simple conversions.


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