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How to Care for Tulips After Bloom

Tulips are very tough durable plants, which don’t require much detailed care. Only during the fall season, one needs to be careful so as to make sure they don’t wither and help sustain them so that they may grow back strong each season.

After blooming tulip care

After blooming tulip care

Items required

Before beginning to start caring for the bloomed tulips, one would need some essential apparatus/items to use in order to ensure fresh looking tulips. Below are listed a few such items required:

  • Garden spade
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can

Instruction for Caring for Tulip

To care for the tulips after they bloom, the listed simple steps should be followed to ensure non withered beautiful tulips.

  1. Firstly, as soon as the tulips begin to bloom, water them. Watering the tulips at this stage is a very essential step.
  2. Throughout the seasons, keep an eye for the moisture level of the tulip. Ensure that the soil or the plant itself does not grow dry or the petals don’t produce cracks. In case they do, water the tulips to a minimal amount ensuring that they are not over watered as that will ruin the plant.
  3. The next step is to decide whether to leave the tulip bulb inside the ground or remove it. The bulbs can be taken out and then replanted each flowering season. On the other hand, the bulbs can also be left in the ground. The bulbs then grow out after the fall season with minimal maintenance. However they may grow to a shorter height and the bulbs only produce 3-4 generations of tulips.
  4. If one wants to replant the tulips, cut and harvest them and after the fall season, plant the tulips individually. Water them sufficient enough and they will grow back in the spring.
  5. Take careful notice that the petals when all withered should be cut. Leaves should also be cut but on the right time as, if they are cut early, they won’t be able to provide enough energy for the plants to regrow. After the cutting, the first watering should be done as the spring starts.


Tulips are indeed very beautiful plants, and growing them can be a challenge for some as they require special care in the fall season. But after one has maintained the plants good, they prove to be a great addition in any garden.