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How Much Does an In-Ground Pool Cost?

An in-ground pool, a choice many consider to go for, but are stopped considering the finances and expenses of making one. A lot of things need to be considered when it comes to the cost and hence below is a detailed guide of the expenditure of making an in-ground pool.

inground pool

Inground Pool

Variable affecting cost of In-ground Pool

  1. Materials: Depending on the materials chosen for the making of the pool, the cost varies accordingly. The cheapest material is vinyl lining which costs about $7-14 000. Next is concrete the most widely used material costing about $20-40 000.
  2. Size: Avery obvious reason for an increased price in the making of an in-ground pool is the simply the size. The larger the pool planned, the more it will cost.
  3. Accessories: Adding on different accessories like lighting’s, diving boards, automated filtration system etc increase the making cost of the pool.

Cost of Average In-Ground Pool

It isn’t accurate to calculate the exact cost of an in-ground pool but estimations can be made as to what it will cost. Mostly, in-ground pools with proper lining cost about $20 000 but again this price may vary from country to country. Some pools which have add-ons and expensive building material and size will obviously cost more, and when the figures rounded off, the cost goes to $50 000. For an average person, with not much demands the initial cost of an in-ground pool will be about $20 000-$25 000.

Reducing the cost of the in-ground pool

The first thing is to research and look for through many different contractors to find yourself the most affordable and cheap priced package. Secondly, the materials and sizing make a huge difference. Even a small decrease in the size is capable of reducing the cost dramatically. If one requires a simple pool, add-ons should be avoided as they increase the price dramatically. Another option to cut costs on a major scale is to opt for on ground pools, as labor work and material use is reduced.


In-ground pools are a great addition to houses as it adds to the beauty. Although they can be pretty expensive to build, the cost of the pool can be lowered by choosing over different packages. Giving great flexibility to the owner, in-ground pools have no become a major trend in this era.