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How Long Does it Take Grass Seed to Grow?

For some, growing a lush green lawn is their first priority in decorating their houses. But growing a lush grass is no easy task and it requires a lot of patience. Below is a detailed guide of obtaining lush green grass.

Plant Grass Seeds

The first question for most people is, how long does a grass seed take to grow? All that is required to grow grass is some decent lawnmower, grass seeds, fertilizers and patience, loads of patience. Seeding a lawn requires a good hand and effort as proper seeding leads to a get resilient lush grass. Most of the grass seeds are germinated and sprouted after 5-10days of planting but this usually depends on the moisture of the soil and weather.

growing a lush green lawn grass

Lush Green Lawn Grass

Types of Grass

About 10 000 species of grass exist but not only types can be planted. According to ones region, the grass type should be chosen. Grass types are basically classified as 2 types, warm weather, which grows well in winters, and the cold weather grass, which grow in all the four seasons. Depending on the climate of a certain area, one should then choose the grass type accordingly to ensure good yield.

Deciding the Right Grass Seed

As discussed before, grass usually fall under 2 major categories from which the correct one should be chosen. The cold-weather grass are more greener, softer, easy and quick to grow, ideal for filling up gardens or areas fast. On the other hand warm weather grass is tougher and resistant but they take more time to grow to their full potential.

Lawn Grass Seeds & Other Plants

During growth of grass, many other plants may fill up areas along it as well. Plants like clover, dandelions, ivy etc are the commonly grown plants. These plants provide protection for the dry patches of grass and hence stop eroding. Kill these plants leave bare patches in the lawn and hence use of chemical products is not advisable so as to maintain the lushness of the grass.

Time Frame

Good plantation results in shoots after one week. After the second week the grass becomes thicker and firmer. It is also preferable to mow the grass at stage to ensure proper growth. After a month of growing, the grass should be fully grown and lush. Use of fertilizers also enhances the growing process.


Growing grass in ones garden just requires a bit of effort but besides that it is an easy task to do. With no much technical experience required, anyone capable of gardening can easily grow their lawns.