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Facts About Round Up Weed Killer

Round Up Weed Killer

Round Up Weed Killer

Roundup is a popular and effective grass and weed killer containing active ingredients which eliminate the unwanted vegetation. Roundup can be both beneficial and harmful in cases and below are hence detailed background of roundup.

Roundup is not a specific product for any particular species of plants and therefore can be used to kill any type of unwanted green plants.

Monsanto, an agricultural company, known as the founders of Roundup. Roundup came into being in the 1910’s and ever since then has become a popular product amongst farmers. Scotts Miracle-Gro is known to be the official distributor and marketing agent of roundup and since the 70’s they have been providing farmers with roundup products.

Roundup works by moving within the plant all the way to the roots, and hence the soil remains unaffected.

Roundup targets mainly all types of weeds and grass. It comes in a premixed solution which contains active ingredients in strong concentration. One of such types is Roundup poison Ivy and Bush killer, which is a strong solution targeted at the poison ivy plants.

Roundup contains an active ingredient glyphosate which is a broad-spectrum non-selective systemic herbicide. This ingredient cause’s eye and skin irritation and so roundup should be used with special care as it can immediately cause a reaction to many people.

Roundup comes with a guarantee to kill weeds and at least stop the growing for at least 4 months. Therefore the roundup should not be sprayed in areas where young plants are planted or at a place where growing plants are present. One should also keep a good care and precaution as the product should not be exposed to the eye or skin and thereby gloves and masks should be worn when spraying.

Time Frame
A non windy day with a warm temperature is the perfect condition for application of roundup. Roundup takes about 10 days to start affecting the plant all the way down and after application of 10 days, the vegetation starts to die out.

Roundup has proved to be a very beneficial product for farmers which guarantee to end the weeds for a good long time period. Although it has some hazards, but correct application can solve many garden problems.