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Desert Rose Plant Care

The desert rose, an evergreen native to the African and Arabian region, survives in humid condition with plenty rainfall. With red, pink flowers, the desert rose is indeed a luscious plant, which requires special care.

Desert Rose Plant Care

Desert Rose Plant

Desert plants cannot grow in standing water and hence pots with drainage holes should be chosen, ones which are also easily transported anywhere. Ceramic and terra cotta pots arre the ideal choice to grow desert rose. The plant should also be exposed to good sunlight daily to ensure proper growth and it should be planted in high drainage soil as excess standing water can kill the plant.

Watering and Fertilizing
The desert rose plant should be watered daily during summers, but making sure to not water the plant in excess. During the cold weather, the plant should be watered about 3 to 4 times in a week only. During summers, the plant should also be fertilized daily to ensure proper growth.

Winter Care
During winters, the plant should be moved indoors to avoid it being damaged due to drastic temperature changes. Watering and fertilizing should be reduced to about 3 times a week and special care should be taken to avoid the plant from winter frost. At the start of spring, the plant should be moved back outside.

Warning Signs
During the growth, the plant may produce some fleshy or tender parts like leaves/stem. These should be removed immediately as they indicate root rot and if not taken care of, the plant will eventually die out. The root rot should not be confused with a soft stem as when the plant requires water, its stem, goes soft. A good indication of root rot is that it only occurs at a small area which then gradually spreads out if not dealt with.

Desert rose plants are a very beautiful addition to households. Although they require some special care as they tend to grow in humid weather, these plants yet prove to be worth the care. With luscious beautiful flowers in reds and pinks, the desert rose plants are indeed a beauty of the warm climates.